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Resurrection of Christ Giovanni Bellini



jesusfeeds_5000.gif (102289 bytes)

Jesus Feeds The 5000
Gustave Doré


Jesus Raises Lazarus
Gustave Doré

Jesus macht aus Wasser Wein

Jesus Changes Water into Wine
Gustave Doré

Click Here For Detailed Bead-by-Bead Instructions

1. The Ecumenical Miracle Rosary is prayed using regular rosary beads.  Free rosary beads can be obtained from Family Rosary and Family Theatre Productions at http://www.familyrosary.org/main/rosary-rosaries-contact.php

2. Starting at the crucifix, recite the Nicene Creed.

3. On the first large bead, recite the Lord's Prayer (Our Father).

4. On each of the next three small beads recite the Greatest Commandment.

5. Recite the Great Commission on the next large bead.

6. Recall the first "miracle" and recite the Lord's Prayer (Our Father) on the medal (it usually has a picture of Jesus or the Virgin Mary on it). The Miraculous Healings are meditated every Monday, every Thursday, and on the Sundays from the first Advent Sunday until the Sunday before Ash Wednesday. The Miraculous Acts are meditated every Tuesday, every Friday, and on the Sundays between Ash Wednesday and Palm Sunday. The Miraculous Appearances are meditated every Wednesday, every Saturday, and on the Sundays from Easter until the Sunday before the first Advent Sunday.

7. On each of the adjacent ten small beads (also referred to as a decade) recite the Greatest Commandment while reflecting on the miracle. If praying the Ecumenical Miracle Rosary for the first time, it is advisable to read the scripture verses of each miracle carefully.

8. On the next large bead, recite the Great Commission. Start on the next decade by reflecting on the next "miracle" and praying the Lord's Prayer (Our Father) on the same large bead as the last Great Commission was prayed. Then pray ten Greatest Commandments on each of the next 10 small beads, and complete the decade by praying the Great Commission on the next large bead. Each of the succeeding 3 decades are prayed in a similar manner.

9. After five decades are prayed, the rosary is complete.

10. Finish by praying the "Jesus Prayer" on the medal.

11. A beautiful brochure has been created to show how to pray the devotion.  If you can provide us your address we will send you a copy of this brochure.  We will not use your home address for any other purpose (10 brochure maximum per order). Please click here for more information

12. An automated tool has also been created to pray the Ecumenical Miracle Rosary called "Mere Prayer" Please click here for more information

13. Praying the devotion on our periodic conference calls is the best way to learn the devotion. Please click here for more information

14. Audio recordings have been created to demonstrate how to pray the Ecumenical Miracle Rosary.  You can also pray along with the audio recordings if you wish.  The audio files are located on the "Prayers and Miracles" page under the "Miracles" section.  Please click here to go to the "Miracles" section.

15.  Graphics that provide detailed bead by bead instructions have been created to further clarify how to pray the devotion.  Click on the banner below for more information.

Click Here For Detailed Bead-by-Bead Instructions


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