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               "Mere Prayer" Automated Prayer Tool

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Resurrection of Christ Giovanni Bellini



jesusfeeds_5000.gif (102289 bytes)

Jesus Feeds The 5000
Gustave Doré


Jesus Raises Lazarus
Gustave Doré

Jesus macht aus Wasser Wein

Jesus Changes Water into Wine
Gustave Doré


The Ecumenical Miracle Rosary is deeply indebted to one of our prayer partners who has designed a beautiful and extremely useful automated tool that can assist in praying the devotion.  The tool, called "Mere Prayer", contains beautiful artwork showing the "miracle" scenes from the Bible, and also displays the Bible verses related to each "miracle".  As an added bonus, the tool also includes a separate module for the Prayer of Jabez.

The following link will lead you to another web page where you can down load the automated tool to your computer.

Go to http://www.geocities.com/mrklingon/prayer.html

On that page there is a "screen shot" with an picture of Jesus looking through a doorway and the words "Mere Prayers" written on the top. Under the "screen shot" is the link mpINST.exe: click here for self installing zip archive.  Click on that link, and a file download screen will open. Click on "Open."  That will open a "mpINST" screen. Hit the "extract" button. It should extract all the files to C:\MerePrayer. Go into C:\MerePrayer and click on the mereprayer.exe file (the one with praying hands).  This will open the program.  You can pray along with the "miracle" photos with this program.

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