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 Detailed Bead-by-Bead Instructions

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Resurrection of Christ Giovanni Bellini



jesusfeeds_5000.gif (102289 bytes)

Jesus Feeds The 5000
Gustave Doré


Jesus Raises Lazarus
Gustave Doré

Jesus macht aus Wasser Wein

Jesus Changes Water into Wine
Gustave Doré

You can click anywhere in each of the boxes, below, for a detailed graphic representation of Bead-by-Bead instructions for the applicable time period.


Jesus Walking on Water Alberto Barsotti

Click Here if today is Monday, Thursday, or a Sunday from the First Advent Sunday to the Sunday before Ash Wednesday

Click Here if today is Tuesday, Friday, or a Sunday between Ash Wednesday and Palm Sunday

Click Here if today is Wednesday, Saturday, or a Sunday between Easter and the Sunday before the first Advent Sunday


This beautiful graphic can be used to pray the Ecumenical Miracle Rosary on any day (but does not include which miracles are to be prayed on which days) Courtesy of the New Congress 



Mere Prayer: This link will lead you to a beautiful automated tool that you can download to your computer to assist in praying the Ecumenical Miracle Rosary


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