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Resurrection of Christ Giovanni Bellini



Jesus Feeds the 5000

Jesus Feeds The 5000
Gustave Doré


Jesus Raises Lazarus
Gustave Doré

Jesus Changes Water into Wine

Jesus Changes Water into Wine
Gustave Doré

This web page will introduce you to a group of prayers called the Ecumenical Miracle Rosary.


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                           Purpose and History

The Ecumenical Miracle Rosary was first posted on the internet in February of 1999, and it was inspired by the original Most Holy Rosary.  The rosary is a set of prayers and meditations, which covers key moments in the New Testament. These prayers are counted and prayed on a set of rosary beads.  In the rosary, one prays a prayer aloud on each bead while meditating on various scenes from the Bible, called mysteries.  The rosary progresses from Jesus' birth, to his death on the cross, to his resurrection and ascension into heaven and was created by St. Dominic in the 13th Century.

As a Lutheran married to a Catholic, I was introduced to the rosary in a Catholic couples group of which we are members.  I was struck by the power of the rosary devotion because it allows one to meditate on the mysteries while saying the prayers. A Christian experienced in praying the rosary can even pray direct intercessions while saying the prayers and meditating on the miracles.  This is a truly powerful way to pray because it avoids the boredom of unstructured prayer and allows the Christian to spend more time with the Lord and send his/her love, adoration, as well as specific intercessions to God.
      This rosary uses the Lord's Prayer and other prayers that I have found exceedingly useful in my devotions and personal faith formation.  I call the rosary "ecumenical", since the prayers and "miracles" are either directly from the Bible or are derived from the Bible.  As such, any Christian denomination can feel comfortable reciting the prayers and meditating on the miracles. I call the rosary a "miracle" rosary because all of the meditations deal with the miracles performed by Jesus both before and after his resurrection. I make no claim, however, that praying this devotion will lead to a greater probability of God's granting miracles on our behalf.

My hope is that this devotion will allow both Catholics and Protestants to share together the benefits of praying the Rosary. 

I hope that Catholics will view this rosary as another devotion which can be prayed on regular rosary beads, such as the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy, given to us by St.  Faustina, a Polish nun who died in 1938. I also want Catholics to understand that the Ecumenical Miracle Rosary is in no way meant to be a replacement for the Most Holy Rosary, and it is for that reason it includes different prayers and meditates specifically on Christ's miracles performed during his life on earth.

I hope that Protestants will view this rosary as a way to deepen their prayer life, by meditating on what Jesus has done for us, and on the truth of his resurrection.  

My goal is to share the rosary with non-Catholic Christians in order to achieve greater unity between all Christian denominations.  It is also hoped that this rosary can be used in ecumenical group settings such as prayer vigils, ecumenical Christmas and Easter celebrations, etc.

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